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· . USCAO / . STK  . Example format:  . 01/01/22 . 10a7 - Logbook . This is a very quick guide to keeping a simple radio log sheet. The rules are very simple: The log sheet is to be used by the operator while on-duty. On-duty means that the operator must be actively operating the radio . Download book EPUB. 130011.6 RADIATL - US-Copyright 1995-2017 Int'l Radiotechnical Center ". EPUB is a file format defined by the W3C as an e-book file format for reading on modern web browsers and reading devices such as the Kindle or iPad. EPUB is an e-book file format that uses the ".epub" file extension. The term is short for electronic publication and is sometimes styled ePub. Ham Radio Students learn the essentials of operating from scratch. “This is the first Ham radio school program to incorporate the very latest in technology to equip trainees with everything they need to become a licensed amateur radio operator. Download book PDF. . An EPUB or PDF is usually easier to read on an e-book reader than on a desktop computer, such as a laptop, because there is usually no issue with where the text appears on the page. Ham radio terminology - Ham Radio Digest 44m/156/66m: Military-band repeaters operate on frequencies between 156 and 660 kHz. The range is dependent on the signal strength of the repeater, but as a rule of thumb is around one mile on a good day. With a 30 foot whip antenna, the range is even greater on 15 or 30 meters. . Good luck. Step 1: Verify contact with the tower. Try to identify the tower and make sure it's the correct tower. If the tower does not identify, then the receiver is not tuned correctly. Step 2: Are you in tune? If the radio is not tuned correctly, the sound will be choppy. Download book PDF. This is usually one of the first things that should be checked if contact is made. Ham Radio Logbook - Transverter World . Ham Radio Logbook. Book - Skyspeek . Ham Radio Logbook.