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Introducing the Master Celeste Bravo Executive spring mattress - the perfect combination of support and comfort. Designed with channeling to relieve pressure and provide support to your lumbar region, this mattress is ideal for those seeking a firm support with moderate sleeping comfort. The Bonnell spring and quality woven knitted fabric provide the ultimate support for a restful night's sleep.

With the new dual comfort feature, you can easily flip the mattress for a medium or firm sleeping surface. Its 10.25 inch thickness ensures the right posture for your spine, while the 2in1 new upgraded version guarantees maximum comfort and versatility. Plus, with a 10-year warranty all over the country, you can enjoy the benefits of a quality mattress worry-free. Upgrade to the Master Celeste Bravo Executive spring mattress today and experience the ultimate sleeping experience.

Celeste Bravo Executive 2IN1

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