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Molty Ortho Best Spine Support Mattress

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Your Back pain and Mattress are Interlinked

Back pain is so common that it is almost an endemic, especially if you lead an active or challenging life. It is also true that finding out the root cause of back pain is almost difficult particularly if there hasn’t been any change which could pass off as a contributing factor. What we all are ignorant about is that the mattress we sleep on determines if our back pain is going to continue next morning or not. Back pain and mattress are synonymous but the concept of good mattress remains alien to us till date. But, if we were to know the cost of this ignorance, we would start acting today.

In today’s world, beds are created keeping the needs of masses in mind. But, does every manufacturer does the same? The answer to this question is no. Therefore, we, as public are forced to choose from options which are already very limited. We all have our personal choices when it comes to mattresses but, there are some essential properties which a good mattress is ought to have if your back is to remain healthy.  Following are the go-to tips for buying a back-friendly mattress:

  • Don’t purchase a mattress which is too firm as it pushes on main pressure points of the spine.

  • Don’t purchase a mattress which is too soft as it leaves your pressure points unsupported.

  • Purchase a mattress which is supportive of your body weight and supports spinal alignment.

There are several aspects of mattress which need to be looked at so that your mattress not only stops adding to your back woes but, aids in getting rid of them. As mentioned above, the mattress needs to be at the optimum level of firmness and softness according to experts at UCLA Medical Center so that the ache does not degenerate and become a chronic issue.

Sleep and its pattern should be assessed so that it can be determined mattress is to be replaced or not. Observe the way your partner sleeps and look for signs that indicate a red flag:

  • Waking up frequently during the night with no obvious reason.

  • Tossing and turning and waking up lethargic the next morning.

  • The back pain does not go away even after 15-30 minutes of waking up.

  • The mattress is flat and does not compliment your curves.

  • There is increased pressure felt on certain parts of your body only.

  • When body sinks into the bed and causes misalignment.

Experts say that one should get a new mattress after every 8-10 years and preferably a medium-to- firm mattress as it will keep the back-pain at bay.

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