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Does soccer betting include extra time? Details on extra time betting

Many bettors worldwide wonder whether soccer betting includes extra time. To provide in-depth understanding, leading soccer analysts have compiled the most accurate knowledge about betting on extra time.

What is extra time?

Extra time, in simple terms, refers to additional playing time to determine the outcome. Before delving into the specifics of whether soccer betting includes extra time, let's understand what extra time means. In combat sports and matches where a winner must be determined, there is additional playing time after the official 90 minutes, known as extra time. Of course, soccer is no exception.

Extra time, also referred to as stoppage time in soccer, consists of a total of 30 minutes, excluding injury time for the two halves. Each half lasts for 15 minutes, and if the two teams remain tied, the match proceeds to a penalty shootout to decide the winner.

The 30-minute extra time period only occurs when the two teams are tied after 90 minutes of play. At that point, they need extra time to determine the winner. For accurate betting decisions on extra time, consider buy soccer tips from reliable sources.

In soccer, extra time only occurs in knockout matches. For example, it can be seen in matches from the round of 16 in top tournaments like the Champions League, World Cup, Euro, and others. On the other hand, in league competitions like La Liga, V League, Premier League, the round-robin format is applied, so there is no extra time if the teams are tied after 90 minutes.

What is extra time betting? Does soccer betting include extra time?

Extra time betting, also known as extra time betting, is a term in betting that refers to bets offered by bookmakers when a match enters extra time.

Those who make a living from betting are aware that these types of bets usually appear in the last 10 minutes of the second half when the match is still tied, allowing bettors to study and place their bets beforehand.

Extra time betting also includes the 30-minute period of extra time. This is considered an opportunity for bettors to make choices to either recover losses or increase profits after betting during the regular playing time.

However, the risk of betting during extra time is quite high as both teams have somewhat depleted their physical strength, and the match time is short, only 30 minutes.

On the other hand, for this reason, many new bettors are becoming more fond of extra time betting because of the excitement and quick outcomes it provides when placing bets. For the best soccer tips 1x2 , consult trusted sources to make informed decisions.

Answering the question of whether betting includes extra time:

To provide a comprehensive answer to the question of whether betting encompasses extra time, experts have compiled detailed information as follows:

Many soccer bets include provisions for extra time, offered separately by bookmakers and treated as distinct from wagers placed during regular play, thus not influencing or correlating with previous bets made during regulation time.

In numerous tournaments, matches may proceed directly to penalty shootouts after the official 90 minutes without any extra time or even replays. For instance, in the early stages of the FA Cup in England, teams may replay matches if they end in a draw during the first or second rounds.

Conversely, from the third round up to the quarterfinals, matches typically advance directly to penalty shootouts without the occurrence of extra time.

Upon entering extra time, all current outcomes are reset. For example, if the score is 2-2 at the end of regulation time, theoretically, the result would revert to 0-0 for the extra time period.

Bets specifically on extra time are often favored by bettors.

Similarly to bets placed during regular play, traditional wager types such as Asian handicap, European handicap, and over/under are commonly chosen during extra time. In reality, these bets are not necessarily more difficult to win.

Asian Handicap:

In Asian handicap betting, wagers placed during regular play do not include outcomes from extra time.

Therefore, when matches extend to an additional 30 minutes beyond regular time, bookmakers will offer new handicap lines to allow continued betting opportunities for investors.

Series Soccer Tips :

European Handicap:

Many bettors wonder if European handicap bets include extra time. According to analysis from experts, the answer is no. Similar to Asian handicap betting, the 1X2 bet is completely reset when a match enters extra time. During this period, bettors can continue to predict the outcome of win, loss, or draw in the upcoming 30 minutes. Additionally, the initial 1X2 bet will be considered a win if the player selects a draw and a loss if either of the teams wins during extra time.


Another question of interest among bettors is whether Over/Under bets apply to extra time. According to analysis, this type of bet is only applicable during the regular 90 minutes. If a match extends to extra time, the score is theoretically reset to 0-0, and any goals scored during extra time do not affect the bet. For example, if the Over/Under line is set at 2.5 goals and the final score after 90 minutes is 1-1, the player who bet Over loses even if there are additional goals scored during extra time. However, during extra time, bookmakers may offer new Over/Under lines such as 0.5, 0.75, or 1, allowing players to bet on goals scored during the additional 30 minutes.

Correct Score:

In addition to traditional bet types, betting on the correct score is also a type of bet that many investors are interested in. However, this type of bet often causes confusion as many bettors are unsure if correct score bets include extra time. Therefore, the score chosen by the investor for the initial bet is only counted during the regular play time. If the match goes into extra time, the score at that time is reset to 0-0, and a new correct score table will be provided by the bookmaker for bettors to place their bets.

Does Corner Kick Betting Include Extra Time?

Similar to the previously mentioned bet types, corner kick odds will be reset to 0-0 if the match goes into extra time. At this point, bookmakers will provide new corner kick handicap odds for bettors to place their bets.

Additionally, the over/under corner kick odds will also be reset. However, typically, the over/under corner kick odds offered during extra time are not high, usually around 3-4 corners. Therefore, this corner kick bet carries significant risks, and investors need to carefully consider before placing their bets.

Odd/Even Betting:

Alongside the aforementioned bet types, many bettors also question whether odd/even betting includes extra time. According to expert analysis, this type of bet will also be reset by bookmakers when entering extra time.

However, instead of offering a wide range of options like odd/even corners, goals, fouls, penalties, etc., extra time usually only includes odd/even goals and corner kicks.

Therefore, the range of betting options for players when entering extra time will be significantly narrowed down.


Through the above article, we have clarified whether betting includes extra time after analyzing insights from top experts. Explore more exciting knowledge about betting in football right away.


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