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Guide to play corner betting in football

Nowadays, the term "corner betting" is no longer unfamiliar to professional bettors. But have you figured out the most effective way to bet on corners yet? Let's explore betting tips over 2.5 the most profitable corner betting strategies with Wintips in the article below.

Introduction to Corner Betting

Corner betting, also known as Corners betting, focuses solely on the number of corner kicks in a match, without worrying about which team will win or the total number of goals scored. When engaging in corner betting, players can also consider factors like the first team to win a corner, the last team to win a corner, etc. Depending on the match, tournament, and characteristics of the teams, the bookmaker will offer corresponding corner betting odds. There are four popular types of corner bets:

Over/Under Corners: Players predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be over or under a specified number.

Handicap Corners: Similar to Asian Handicap betting, where the stronger team gives a handicap to the weaker team.

Odd/Even Corners: Players simply predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be odd or even.

1x2 Corners: Similar to European odds, this bet has three main outcomes: win, draw, or lose, with different winning odds. Players base their predictions on these outcomes.

How to Calculate Online Corner Bets in Football

Each type of bet has its own method of calculation, which players need to understand to make accurate predictions and place bets effectively. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to calculate corner bets:

Calculating Over/Under Corners:

This method relies on the total number of corners taken by both teams in the match. The player's win or loss is determined by the total number of corners. If the number of corners is higher than the specified number, you win; if it's lower, you lose.

Calculating First Corner:

In this method, players predict which team will take the first corner. This is a challenging bet because it cannot be easily predicted based on the teams' strength, the nature of the match, or any other factors. Therefore, it often depends on the player's luck.

Calculating Last Corner:

Players predict which team will take the last corner of the match. To succeed with this bet, bettors need to identify which team needs to score more and has a stronger attacking style to make the most accurate prediction.

Calculating Next Corner:

Players predict which team will take the next corner. To win this bet, you need to pay close attention and make accurate assessments, as the match progresses quickly, and missing details can lead to incorrect predictions.

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Effective Corner Betting Tips from Experts

To effectively bet on corner kicks and win big, players need to have knowledge about the bets and equip themselves with effective betting strategies. To support players, bookmakers offer several reliable corner betting experiences as follows:

Corner Betting Based on Overall Analysis of Both Teams

To make the most accurate betting choices, the first thing to do is to analyze the overall situation of the two participating teams. Information that bettors need to know includes:

Who is the home team and who is the away team.

The strength of both teams, identifying which team is stronger and which is weaker.

The playing strategies of both teams.

The expected line-ups of both teams, whether there are players who frequently score goals, and if there are any injured players.

It is important to note that if the stronger team is losing in the first half, it is likely that they will have more corner kicks than the weaker team in the second half. Therefore, if you bet on the stronger team, your chances of winning are higher. However, if you prefer to make safer or value bets, you should choose the weaker team.

Understanding the Rules and Knowing How to Accurately Bet on Corners

One of the effective corner betting strategies is to thoroughly understand the rules and specific regulations of each type of bet to make the most accurate betting decisions.

According to some experienced bettors, if a match's first half result is 0-0 or 1-1, try placing a bet on the "Over" corner bet for the second half.

Corner Betting by Following the Match

Each match is extremely complex and can have unexpected situations. Therefore, closely following the match will help you make wiser betting decisions.

If you want to bet on corners, choose the time periods from 0-15 and 16-30 minutes. Note that betting on no corners is not advisable as it is very unlikely to happen in both halves.

Regularly Check the Bookmaker’s Site Throughout the Match

For corner betting, you do not need to worry about the match score. You can place additional bets on different options available on the bookmaker’s site, as they often offer very attractive odds with high payouts. Therefore, regularly updating the website will help you catch the best opportunities.

Choosing a Reputable Bookmaker for Corner Betting

A reputable bookmaker will give players peace of mind and confidence to bet more aggressively. This is an ideal place not to miss. They often offer many attractive promotions, and their customer service is excellent and transparent, ensuring no disappointment.


Through the above article from Wintips, we hope you have gained valuable knowledge soccer tips sites on how to effectively bet on corners. Don’t forget to regularly check reputable bookmaker sites to catch the best betting opportunities.


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